Friday, 28th January 2022

Hunt and Fish With the Best


Fowlplay Outfitters wants to show you a great time on the water, whether it's chasing ducks and geese, or pulling monster catfish up from the depths of the Ohio River.  We will be gunning some of nature's most beautiful waterfowl, and some of freshwater’s hardest fighting fish: monster catfish.  We bet after a weekend on the water with us you will be counting the days until you come back.

We are committed to conservation for today and tomorrow.  We believe in conservation of waterfowl hunting and catfish fishing so future generations can enjoy the same wonderful pastimes for years to come.  At our facilities we have bred and raised some of the world's most rare and threatened species of waterfowl. By captive breeding, we can ensure there will always be a healthy bloodline of birds that could be reintroduced to the wild if the need ever arose. In addition, we build and maintain numerous nest boxes to promote safe and secure wild breeding hens.  

Conservation doesn't end with the hunting aspect of things, it continues with the catfish.  Our wild and free ranging catfish have taken a nosedive in numbers due to the over harvesting of trophy size fish by commercial fisherman, paylake fisherman and even individual anglers.  Some of these fish can grow to 20 years old and much older, which will take years to replace if something isn't done soon. We C.P.R. (catch, photograph, and release) all fish over 10lbs, whether it’s channels, flatheads or bluecats. These monsters are our only natural predator to all the invasive carp which have settled in and called our lakes and rivers home.

Hunting divers and catching catfish are our specialties here at Fowlplay Outfitters but we will do whatever it takes to please you, the client. Our trips take place on the historic Ohio River, its tributaries and impoundments. With this field of work have come the opportunities to meet many other outdoors men and woman, which in turn has fostered connections to being able to put clients in the right hands for trips from Massachusetts to South Carolina.  Please feel free to ask about trips in many other states.

Hunts are conducted from shore blinds, layout boats, layout blinds and our tender boat.  We do hours of scouting every week to try to put you where the birds are.  We use anywhere from 50 to 300 decoys to mimic the current migration habits at the time of your hunt.  Fishing trips are conducted from our fully welded jet boat.  The best equipment from Penn reels to Lowrance electronics are used and provided for your trip on the water.



Contact us by email at or on 812-290-3831

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